Waverly BioConsulting invests itself in understanding your biopharmaceutical company, identifies your core needs and produces a concrete, results-centered plan that magnifies your strengths.

Our expertise extends from the laboratory to Wall Street in companies large and small. Our capabilities range from expert insight and analysis of your business concepts to identifying and developing smart sources of capital. Our team wears many hats and informs and focuses your decision-making from the earliest stages of your start-up biotech company to the evolving operations of your global biopharmaceutical enterprise.

Are you an entrepreneurial stage biotech company focused on progressing the science of your products, but the resources for assembling a business plan, an investor presentation, or even to focus on the day-to-day operations of your emerging company are just not available? Or are you a more established biopharmaceutical company that wants to better understand the competitive market dynamics of a product in development, begin the process of seeking a partner, re-prioritize your pipeline, or create more thorough sales and market forecasts for a product close to commercialization?

We are the catalyst, working with you to create compelling insights, develop intelligent solutions and navigate a clear path forward to realize the value of your company.

How will you bring your science to the market and what will potential investors find compelling about it?


Our thorough understanding of the nuances of biopharmaceutical investments, from the perspective of a small start-up company as well as that of an established Wall Street headliner, grants us a complete view of the best ways of proactively securing capital from a rich pool of fundraising sources. Our support includes:

  • Investor presentations: what is so compelling about your business that people want to invest?
  • Business plans: what is your plan to bring your science to market?
  • Creating financing plans, public or private: when and how much do you need, and where is the best place to get it?

What are the long-range goals for your company and how do those inform your day-to-day decisions?


A successful company has a thoughtful, cohesive strategy. A game plan. Building a long-range plan that guides the evolving decisions of a growing company is critical, but if the time and resources can't be spared, the company risks falling short. Our services include:

  • Pipeline assessment and prioritization: determining which of your pipeline projects are the most potentially profitable and commercially viable
  • Corporate strategy: create a longer range plan that answers the key questions (should you partner? If so, when? Should you build out your own commercial infrastructure? Should you seek an ex-US path for your products? These and many more.)
  • Commercial planning: understanding how and where you will make the most of your products once they reach the market

What makes your product or infrastructure unique and why is it the perfect fit for a potential partner?


You've resolved to find a partner for one or more of your products, but don't know who, how, or for how much. Our team has met the challenge in many partnering deals, and all were unique. Just like your company. What we can do:

  • Creation or review of non-confidential and confidential presentation materials: what makes your product a "must have" for your partners?
  • Market research: what else exists in your space, and what makes you better?
  • Identification of synergistic partners: finding the perfect fit for your product and your science
  • Deal term negotiation: having a strong understanding of your own value helps set the parameters for others

Do you have the bandwidth to manage all your current projects with the focus they each deserve?


In your search for a new team member you naturally want the right fit, and want it right now, but you know not to rush the process. Or your A-team has run out of capacity to complete a mission-critical project by the deadline. We can bridge these gaps:

  • Interim & acting C-level management solutions: helping you with the day to day
  • Project management: taking the lead on a specific project when no one else has the time

Are you confident with your operating budget and with your company's expected profitability in the future?


Robust financial forecasts help with strategy, business development, fundraising, and even operations. Creating accurate forecast models using intelligent assumptions and projections emboldens your decision-making moving forward. We can provide:

  • Product and market forecasting: well supported revenue assumptions based upon either patient numbers or competitive market dynamics, as appropriate
  • P&L assessment: how long will your current cash last, and where are you going to spend it?
  • NPV analysis: if someone were to buy your assets, what are they worth?

Will your biopharma investment need the guidance of a third party advisor who can identify the risks and rewards?


Doing thorough research into each biopharma in-licensing opportunity or company investment takes time, resources and experience. Have more confidence in your time-to-market and financial projections with the help of a third-party professional who has been on both sides, who can advise you on the knowns and unknowns, and who can identify red flags as well as opportunities. What we can offer:

  • Therapeutic market reports: understand all the players and your potential product investments' comparative strengths
  • Equity research-like company reports: a thorough, unbiased, third party perspective on what makes your potential investment tick
  • Management and strategy assessment: a view on the approach that is pivotal to ultimate value creation